How to create WebMoney Account full tutorial 2014

How to create a Web money(z purse ) account for data entry jobs payment processor (also indian user ) 2014:


1) Goto Webmoney click on sign up 
2) Fill out following 
a) enter your mobile number and verify it
b)enter your personal details like address,Zip Code, State, Country
enter as like in your pan card for verification 
c) check your email id and verify it 

3) Save your WMID in a notepad 
4) Log into your webmoney account with your email or wmid 

5) Click the "Purse" button (which you can see in the picture)

6) Click "Add more"

7) Then select a purse type WMZ (also make WMR, WME, etc.) from the pulldown list, accept the terms of the Agreement and click «CREATE».

8)Once the operation is completed, you will receive a notification as shown in the picture below:

9) Now see Your WMZ id like Z212435870512 
By using this Z-purse id you can get payment form many sites like 2captcha

Note: This very usefull for  indian users with 0% traction fees with 2captcha


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