New site like Paidverts - TrueAdProfits Money making Guide 2014

New site like Paidverts - TrueAdProfits Money making Guide 2014TrueAdProfits just launched.

TrueAdProfits is an advertising and profit sharing website that sell advertisement spaces on the website and on other third party websites. When someone purchase an ad pack 100% of the profit will be shared between members that also purchased and have active ad packs in their account.

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Cheap Advertising & Powerful Network

One of the best things on TrueAdProfits is the multiple ad types and packs that you can choose, no matter what kind of visitors you need here you can find everything you need at just one click away:

  • Website Surf Exchange
  • Banner & Text PPM/PPC Advertising
  • Paid-to-Click Advertising
  • Gold Chase Paid-to-Click Advertising
  • Daily Login Ads Advertising

Besides that we are also sharing profits with everyone that is purchasing AdShare Packs.
Every AdShare Pack will expire when it reaches 150% return.

Get referrals and earn 10% commission

At TrueAdProfits you earn from your referrals a swooping 10% of all purchases, that means you earn money without doing anything when your referral purchasing ads.

There is no limit of how many referrals you have, and there are no requirements in order to start earning from them, so build your list for extra income.

How to get daily money?

  • You have to click at least 6 Advertisments per Day, to get money from your ad-pack.
  • You also can Play the "Gold Chase surf Game"
  • Gold Chase is a Game where you can daily win 10$

What is "Gold Surf"?

  • Gold Surf is a "surfing" Game where you can visit other Website's and recieve for every Website, 1 gold surf credit. With which credit you can win up to 100$

Payment Accepted : STP |SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer & BitCoin. |
Minimum withdrawals : $ 1


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